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Privacy Statement

Student Loan Finance Corporation, on behalf of itself and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Education Loans Incorporated, GOAL Funding, Inc., and Surety Loan Funding Inc., as well as any trustee holding loans on their behalf, reserves the right to change or discontinue any and all of the information contained in this Web site at any time.

You should always check a privacy statement each time you visit a Web site.

Our 10 Commitments to Your Privacy. . .

Since its creation in 1979, one of Student Loan Finance Corporation's goals, (on behalf of itself and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Education Loans Incorporated, GOAL Funding, Inc. and Surety Loan Funding Company, as well as any trustees holding loans on their behalf) has been to provide quality education loan service to you, our customer.

And the privacy of your nonpublic personal information has always been a primary concern of the employees of Student Loan Finance Corporation. Our employees are trained to respect the confidentiality of this information. To ensure this ongoing commitment, we offer the following responsible privacy practices and information:

  1. In the course of doing business, Student Loan Finance Corporation will obtain nonpublic personal information by way of:
    1. an application/promissory note for a loan purchased from your bank or an application/promissory note you completed for a loan product you received from SLFC.
    2. transactions performed with us, our affiliates or others.
    3. consumer reporting agencies.
  2. If you sign up for Automatic Payment Processing (APP) or use some other type of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), to make your loan payments, we will obtain your checking or savings account number.
  3. We will not disclose nonpublic information about our customers to any nonaffiliated third party, marketer or vender without your permission, except as permitted by Law.
  4. All employees that have access to your nonpublic personal information have been trained in the proper handling of this information to protect your privacy. We will audit their practices on a continual basis. Any employee who violates our privacy commitment will be dealt with through our normal disciplinary process.
  5. We will inform you at least annually of our privacy policy. We will inform you in a clear and concise manner. If you would like to receive future notices electronically please contact us.
  6. We will require any venders or servicers who we contract with to provide products to you, such as payment coupons or statements, abide by our strict protection of your nonpublic personal information.
  7. We are required by Law to provide some nonpublic personal information, such as loan delinquency status and account balance to national credit bureaus, guarantee agencies, the United States Department of Education, your school and lender, and others. When required to do this, we will scrutinize and validate all requests to protect you.
  8. We may obtain your e-mail address when you contact us by way of the Internet. We will protect this in the same manner as we do all other information. See 'Web Site Safety/Security' below for additional information on Web site privacy.
  9. A privacy notice will no longer be sent to you after your account is closed (paid-in-full or sold). However, we will notify you in the event that your nonpublic personal information is shared to allow you ample time to respond to an opt-out notice.
  10. In cases where your loan was referred to SLFC through your bank or another lender, we may share your demographic and loan balance information with the referring lender in order to complete your requested transaction.

Web Site Safety/Security

Maintaining privacy and security on the Internet is complex. Technical terms are used which the average Web user might not understand. To help make this information more useful we have added definitions to those words.

When you Access Your Account or Apply For A Loan, on the Student Loan Finance Corporation Web site, you are protected by a secure server and security protocol (SSL). Secure communication means that information that you provide, such as your name or account-number, is encrypted so that it can't be read or intercepted by others.

  • We will also obtain your email address if you e-mail us.
  • Visitors should be aware we might use "cookies", as do many Web sites. We use this to improve the quality and efficiency of your online use of this site.

Web Site Links

Several links to Web sites not related to Student Loan Finance Corporation are available from our Web site. Student Loan Finance Corporation is not responsible for the privacy or content of those Web sites. If you do access any of these linked Web sites we encourage you to take time to review their privacy policy.

Visits To Our Web Site By Young Adults And Children

No personal identifying information should be provided to our Web site, either through email or other sources, by anyone under the age of 18, without the consent of their parent or guardian. Our Web site does provide general information about post-secondary education and may be of interest to many age groups.

None of the information in our Web site would be harmful to children of any age. A child under the age of 13 should not be allowed to visit our Web site without strict assistance and guidance of their parent or guardian.

Questions Or Concerns? Contact Us

If you feel any information that we have regarding your account is inaccurate, or you have questions about our Web site, account information, loan application, privacy policy any other general questions—please contact our office using any of the following:

Call: (800) 592-1270 (ask to speak to your Account Manager), or
Student Loan Finance Corporation, or
Write: Student Loan Finance Corporation
124 S 1st St.
Aberdeen, SD 57401-4104



SSL is an encryption technology called Secured Sockets Layer. SSL provides secure communications over the Internet by verifying that the server to which you are connected is the one it claims to be. It also encrypts all transactions between the parties communicating.

You can determine whether or not the Website you are viewing is secure by:

  • Looking at the address of the Web page being viewed. An "s" at the end of http indicates that you are attached to a secure server using SSL technology. Any Web page beginning with https:// is secure.
  • Looking at the browser window. Some browsers also have a picture of a lock or key on the lower right hand corner of the browser's window. A picture of a lock or key, depending on the browser, should be visible. If the lock is closed or the key is solid, you are on a secure site. If the lock is open or the key is broken, the site you are visiting is not secure.


Encryption is the way in which information is scrambled when it is sent over the Internet. Your data is made indecipherable to any other party when encryption is used. The strongest form of encryption available over the Internet today is 128-bit.


A "cookie" is a piece of information that a Web site stores on the user's system hard drive that is retrieved when the visitor logs onto the site again. Your browser will only return this cookie information to the site of Student Loan Finance Corporation.

The Web server will recognize your domain name when you access our Website, but it will not recognize your email address. The Web server will collect data such as the number of visitors, the time/day of the visit and types of information viewed/requested.

Cookies also make your visit to a site simpler by keeping you from having to re-enter your password every time you change pages within a secure session.

You can choose to not accept cookies. You may do this by making the appropriate selection from your browser options. You should understand, however, that certain services require cookies for effective delivery. Where this is the case, users will be informed that they will need to allow cookies if they wish to receive the service.

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